How do I cancel my policy?

We're sorry to hear you're thinking of cancelling your policy. 

To request cancellation, please click on this link to go to My Account Area.
Cancelling at renewal
If you do not contact us, we will automatically renew your policy.

If you do not want to renew your policy, please do not cancel your Direct Debit Mandate before your renewal date. If you do, your policy will be automatically cancelled which may be before the end of your policy.   
Cancelling during the first 14 days 
If you cancel your policy within the 14-day cooling-off period, we will refund any payments you have made. Refunds will take up to 10 days to reach your account.  
Cancelling during your policy year
You can cancel your policy at any time without any additional charges or penalties. If you pay annually and are due a refund, we will process this within 10 days. 
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Claiming online

Claiming online is easy, log in to My Account, select the policy you would like to make a claim against and upload your invoices, we’ll do the rest.

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24/7 video consultations with a vet

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