What are the waiting periods before I can claim?

As with many pet insurers, we have waiting periods on all of the policies in our range.

This means we are not able to pay claims for:

  • any accident that occurs or is treated within in the first 48 hours of the policy
  • if your pet passes away in the first 14 days due to illness
  • any vet's fees incurred within the first 14 days of the policy

Please be aware that if you have selected a future start date for your policy, the waiting periods will begin from this date.

Please also note that if you add a pet to your existing policy, the waiting periods will apply to the new pet from the day they were added to the cover.

Don't worry, these waiting periods only apply when you first purchase a policy (or when you first add a pet), so you won't need to worry about them at renewal.

For more details on how to claim, you can find an introduction to our claims processes here.

To learn more about our policies and what they cover (and when!), you can find full details in our sample policy documents and key facts guide here

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