Can I pay my premium by monthly Direct Debit?

Yes, you can set up an interest-free monthly Direct Debit. 

When purchasing your policy, either online or over the phone, you can choose whether you'd like to pay monthly or annually.

If you select to pay by monthly Direct Debit, your payment day will be the same day of the month as your policy started.

For example: If you have selected 20.01.2019 as a start date, your payments will take place on the 20th of each month. The only time this will change is if the day falls on a weekend or bank holiday; the payment will then be processed on or shortly after the next working day. 

We will never take a payment earlier than the selected day, and we will send you a notification email 3-5 working days before each payment is charged.

Please note that we aren't always able to take the first monthly payment on the first day. This is because we need to wait until the bank has accepted the Direct Debit mandate before we can charge any payments. Once the mandate has been activated, we can then process the first payment - this will usually occur within 5-10 working days. 

This means that your first two payments may be a bit closer together than usual; however, from your second payment onwards, the payment dates will follow the monthly pattern above. We will never charge you more than 12 monthly payments in a policy year.

If you have a policy with us and you're worried about missing a payment, please click here to find out what to do next.

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