Why has my premium gone up at renewal?

We know price increases aren’t fun. We also know it’s really important to you to keep your pet safe, which is why you choose to have insurance.
As with many pet insurance policies out there, the premium can increase when you renew. With Bought By Many, you’ll never pay more than a new customer and we won’t base your renewal on claims you’ve made.  
When we price your policy, we look at several factors:
  • where you live 
  • the age of your pet(s)
  • whether your pet is spayed
  • claims predictions
  • the cost of medical treatment
For example, veterinary science is constantly developing new and more sophisticated ways to help your pet when they get sick. It’s great for our pet’s health and means that there are more options available to help them, but at the same time this can mean higher costs.
We handle renewals a little differently to other companies. Click here to find out how.
We have other products that may be better suited for you. Head over to My Account to take a look. Go to view your policy and check the bottom of the page for ‘Explore your cover options’. It’s important you have all the information you need to make the right decision, so you can also request a call back from here. We love talking about our products.   


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24/7 video consultations with a vet

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