Can I change my monthly Direct Debit date?

Due to the way our systems work, we are unfortunately unable to change Direct Debit dates.

For all customers paying by Direct Debit, the payment date will be on the same day of the month that their policy started. Sometimes the first payment can be a little later, depending on how long it takes for your bank to accept the Direct Debit mandate (this can be up to 10 working days).

From your second payment onwards, the only time the date will move is if the usual date falls on a weekend/bank holiday. You will continue to receive a notification email 3 working days before each payment is collected.

We recommend you add and to your contacts, to ensure any future communications are received.

You can learn more about how we set up Direct Debit payments here.

If you're concerned about missing a monthly payment, you can find out what happens next here.

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